Make humanity's knowledge personal and interconnected
ICO is successfully completed!
What is MindMap?

Mindmap is the first Global decentralized tutor platform helping people turn their studies, homework and hobbies into income while others build their knowledge faster and more efficiently than ever.

MindMap Features:
Backup your brain on your secure cloud.
Digitally organize and capture everything you have learned into a searchable universal hierarchy.
Save your learning path and step through it anytime to refresh your memory. Never lose what you learn!
Earn passive and active income off your knowledge.
Artificial intelligence will help people learn faster, better match tutors to students with compatible learning styles, and train unsupervised machine learning to learn the same way people do.
Save and organize the workforce knowledge while minimizing employee transition inefficiencies with transition learning paths linked to the experts.
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC-20 Token)
  • Start of token sale: 6/25/2018
  • Tokens issued: 140 000 000 MIND
  • Basic Price of 1 MIND token: 0.5 USD
  • Hard Cap: 20 000 000 USD
  • Payment method: BTC and ETH
Air dropped
to new users
Employees and advisors
How to participate in MindMap ICO
Join our WhiteList
Create your profile on the MindMap
Beta Platform
and Get 20 FREE MIND tokens for inputting your education into your profile!
Buy MIND tokens in the pre-ICO or ICO You can find the full instruction here
Use your MIND tokens on the MindMap Platform!
Token Holders Benefits
For individuals:
  • Accessing others learning paths
  • Submitting Q&A
  • One-on-One tutoring sessions with subject metter experts
For business:
  • Purchasing ad space
  • Employee Training MindMap Network
  • Accessing our AI data set and algorithms that are advancing unsupervised machine learning
Token Sale Bonus
Pre-ICO first 24 hours
Contribution amount bonus
5+ ETH bulk
10+ ETH bulk
15+ ETH bulk
Distribution of raised funds
  • Token buyback: 25%
  • Platform development: 30%
  • Marketing and customer acquisition: 20%
  • US Federal Income Tax: 25%
Marketing and customer acquisition
Token buyback
US Federal Income Tax
Platform development
Team assembled for project commencement
White Paper and Website development
Launch of Pre-ICO
Realise of MVP
Launch of ICO
Launch the learning path beta platform
Forming a Global network of organized knowledge linked with the experts
Corporate knowledge organization and employee training plans
Implement machine learning to let computers learn how we learn
Meet our Team
Joshua Olson
Founder & CEO

Joshua is a chemical engineer by trade but an entrepreneur by nature. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Auburn University, Joshua wasted no time advancing his career. He has been successful in both corporate and private pursuits. He has an entrepreneurial portfolio of companies that he is Founder and CEO of. These companies include software development, tutoring, driving school, and real estate. Mind Map is the next evolution that encompasses everything.

Ryan Brown

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur that enjoys building businesses from conception to fruition. He is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and the host of Crypto Talk Live. As a student of life, Ryan is passionate about learning and education. When not engaging in business, he enjoys flying, the outdoors, and family.

Jon Strabala

A technology leader with over 20 years of progressive experience in global IT industry, including software development, large-scale project management, hardware integration, software technology adaptation and technology transfer. He enjoys studying technology trends to maximize ROI of both projects and businesses by optimizing working capital and also researching high speed multi-terabyte NewSQL column stores. Mr. Strabala holds an MBA focused on Small Business Startups, Information Systems, Operations Research from UC Irvine and an MS in Computer Engineering specializing in Systems and Software Development from the University of Southern California.

Alex Galloway
Software Engineer

Alex is an enterprise web developer and software engineer. When not working on large projects, he focuses his energy on VR/AR development, automation, drones, and robotics.

Anthony Wentzel
Chief Engineer

For over 10 years Anthony has been in the Los Angeles area working as a project manager and developer for some of the biggest brands in media.